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Fulton 58

McIntire Elementary


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The McIntire Webpage will be under renovation for the next few weeks. 

Things may look a little different or be in various stages of revision as we work.

The calendar is linked and does have important dates.

 HERE is the link to our FaceBook page!

Our Mission:

High Levels of Learning for All!


Our Vision: 

McIntire Elementary School is a partnership of staff, parents, students, and community with a vision of:





·        Instructional program is student-centered and research-based.

o   Teachers will collaborate to implement programs that ensure instruction is data driven.

·        Teachers know and understand individual learning needs and styles and actively adapt instructional practices to ensure success.

o   Teachers will differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners.

·        Curriculum, instruction and assessment align with core academic standards.

o   Teachers will collaborate to vertically align curriculum, develop curriculum maps, create a scope and sequence, and produce effective units of study.

·        Students are confident, self-motivated and eager to learn.

o   Teachers will build relationships with students and make learning fun and engaging in order to fulfill our mission.



·        Maintain an enthusiastic, cooperative and safe atmosphere.

o   Students will learn in a positive, safe environment where success is celebrated individually and cooperatively, and strong relationships are encouraged. 

·        Working together is the norm.

o   Committed, reflective teachers will collaborate on curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

·        Open communication among all parents, students, staff and community members concerning all parts of the students’ education.

o   Teachers will use various forms of communication to provide updates on classroom and school activities. 

·        Diversity is honored and appreciated.

o   Diversity training will be offered to staff. 



·        All students learn and practice responsible behavior, integrity, and respect for others.

o   Teachers will teach and model expected behaviors.

·        Teachers monitor performance and provide feedback.

o   Clear learning targets will be established.

·        Parents and community are important contributors to the educational success of children.

o   Ongoing communication via newsletters, emails, phone calls, web pages, etc. will be a priority.

·        Teachers and students will be held accountable to high standards, not only academically, but in conduct as well.

o   PBS expectations will be implemented and reinforced by all.

·        Student and staff attendance are a priority.

o   Students will be here to learn and teachers will be here to teach and will attempt to schedule all appointments outside the school day.



    Since 1961, McIntire Elementary School families have been invited to share the educational experiences with their children and have supported our school through four building additions, and one renovation to the original building. Parents and community members have teamed with the professional staff at McIntire to create a school environment that is challenging and rewarding to the diverse needs of each young leader.


    McIntire Elementary School replaced the original West School after it was demolished to make room for the new Winston Churchill Memorial and Church of St. Mary Virgin, Aldermanbury on the Westminster College campus.  Even before the first brick was set, the Fulton Board of Education chose to name the new school after J.W. McIntire, a longtime supporter of public education in Fulton, and a member of the Board of Education from 1888-1928. The new school was built on 11 acres with six basic classrooms and a multipurpose room. In 1988, 1993, 1997, 2000, and 2005 the Fulton community showed their support for the district by passing bond issues that allowed McIntire School to grow to its present size serving the needs of around 400 students. 







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