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Each quarter the students will receive an AR Bingo Board.  The goal is to earn a bingo by reading five books in a row, either across, vertically, diagonally, or four corners with a free choice.  The books should be at the child's reading level or higher. 

1.  Choose a square and read a book that fits that description.

2. Take the AR Test and earn 80% or higher.

3.  Show the AR score to your teacher to check it off.

4.  Then choose, another book and keep going.

Students who achieve an AR Bingo by the targeted date will celebrate at the End of the Quarter AR Party!  Students who complete a bingo for each quarter will receive a special reward at the End of the Year School Wide Reading Celebration.

Each week, students can earn an extra recess on Fridays by reading and scoring 80% or higher on AR books.  The books can be a combination of two 1/2 point books, or a book that is a point or more.  Extra points do not carry over from week to week.  Extra reading time may be given at recess to students who do not reach the weekly goal.